Our mission is to create memories.

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Whether we are working on a cool new design, adding an innovative feature, or squeezing in that extra bit of value, all we’re thinking about is providing you with the ultimate boating experience and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Are you all-in?

In a world where we are bombarded with fees, surcharges and extras, wouldn’t it be nice if a company would just tell us what it’s going to cost up front?
Legend wants to be that company.
So, for 2015 we're going All-In!

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How Boating Helps You Relax

People who own boats never seem to stop talking about how much fun it is. Their conversations are centred around their upcoming weekend plans, whether that means going out on the lake or spending the day working on the boat. If you don’t own a boat, it might not seem feasible that something can be that much fun, but you’re missing out on an entire world of enjoyment and relaxation. Boating allows you to tap into something primal. By casting […]

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Fish Off to Fish On!

Fish Off… Over the past few years of competitive angling, I’ve learnt a lot of costly lessons. One commonality between all competitive anglers is their attention to their gear. Paying attention to your fishing gear will substantially reduce the amount of lost fish. I’ve learnt that the large majority of fish I lose are due to either laziness or disregard to my gear. Some of these tips will save you from the dreaded words…IT’S OFF!!! If you put a lot […]

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How to Protect Your Phone While on the Water

In this modern age, phones accompany us everywhere – to work, to the gym, and even on the water. There’s just one problem: electronics and water do not mix well. Even a small amount of moisture can destroy them. While it’s possible to save an iPhone that has been immersed in water, it’s better to keep them protected against the elements, and the best way to do this is with a “Lifeproof” case.   These cases are designed to protect […]

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Top 5 Techniques For Walleye Fishing

There are few game fish in Ontario that are more highly sought after than the prized Walleye. Their beautiful profile and tasty flesh are a favourite among many anglers. Research on the body of water you’re fishing is key, as walleyes can be elusive creatures and very moody depending on weather conditions and the amount of fishing pressure the location gets. Have a look below at the Top 5 Techniques For Walleye Fishing that can increase your odds of boating […]

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What our customers are saying.

Well our first day on the boat went great. She handled beautifully. I have a lot of things to learn about the equipment, particularly the navionics but I’ll get it. I just wanted to say how pleasant you made this purchase for us. The whole […]

Testimonial Placeholder Darrell Maguire

Good evening, Henry and Kendal. Back from my first fishing trip with the new boat and just wanted to share with you a couple of pictures of the fun and excitement. Unfortunately, Joe was not able to join us but a neighbour invited me to […]

Randy and Joe Prokopanko Randy and Joe Prokopanko

I look at my boat everyday and cannot wait to get her out on the water next year. Best purchase ever. My family has enjoyed every second on the water this past summer. We’re making wonderful memories. Thank you Legend Boats!

Mike & Family Testimonial Mike and Family.

I spoke to you previously about the wonderful customer care we received from Lisa Turcott. Her professionalism and responsiveness to our questions and needs was outstanding. Had it not been for our experience with her, I am sure we would not have signed a deal […]

Testimonial Placeholder Lynda and Stan Dukacz