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Randy and Joe Prokopanko

Good evening, Henry and Kendal.

Back from my first fishing trip with the new boat and just wanted to share with you a couple of pictures of the fun and excitement.

Unfortunately, Joe was not able to join us but a neighbour invited me to attend his annual fishing trip with a few friends, as it would be an excellent opportunity to get the bottom of the boat wet. As ironic as it seems, we’ve got too much water in Southern MB and most of the boat launches are either under water or closed until water levels drop. So I headed north to Wekusko Falls, between Tramping Lake and Wekusko Lake in northern Manitoba, just south of Snow Lake (closest community of any size – roughly 7 1/2 hrs north of Winnipeg).

Spent six days on the water, the first two with somewhat rough conditions…raining, windy and choppy waters. Boat performed wonderfully. I learned very quickly how to back down a boat launch, launch the boat and reload it at the end of the day…we jumped between lakes just about every day. Used the electric trolling motor quite a bit and still learning how to maneuver with a side wind and a pivot point at the bow….arrrgggg!!!

Loved the canopy and cover on the first two days….warm and dry, compared to those in an open boat….ahhhh. Had some problems with the trailer lights, but it turned out to be damage to the exposed wiring under the van. I’ve had it repaired and relocated and all is well.

Joe just got his August schedule and it appears he’ll have some time in mid-August to come out this way and we’ll get an opportunity to get him out on the water, as well.

The captain (moi) didn’t catch the first fish, but I did get the biggest so far….a 36″ northern pike. As my neighbour was getting it out of the net and as I was reaching for my camera, the fish

shook his head and fell back into the lake. Oops! My poor neighbour was mortified that we didn’t get a photo of that one, but we did catch a boat load of fish over the week.

Thought you’d like to know you have two more (I’ll include Joe in that, as well) very happy and proud Legend boat owners in Manitoba. Had it out front on the street for a few days and all the neighbours wanted to know who got the gorgeous new boat. Got stopped twice at gas stations with questions from other travellers about where I got the boat and received numerous comments of how nice it looked.

Still looking forward to opening day at the Winnipeg Legend Store….let me know when and where to go. 😉

Randy and Joe Prokopanko

Very Happy Legend Boat Owners