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We worry about the details so all you have to worry about is having fun.


Wave-Slicing Front Nose Cones

The combination of pointed nose cones with spray-deflecting lifting fins means you will have a smooth and dry ride in every Legend pontoon.

Triple-Protected Tube Design

Our pontoons are divided into three separate compartments and sealed, making them air tight even in the event of a puncture.  If the air can't get out, water can't get in.

F-Style Rub Rail Support

Each Genesis' outside deck is covered with this unique F-Style rub rail which clips onto the deck and is fastened securely with stainless T-bolts.  It prevents unessessary sagging edges and reinforces the entire deck.

EZ-Drain Tubes

Each section of our Genesis tubes are connected to one another by a small channel that allows any condensation to drain completely to the back of the tube and out of our sure-lock threaded drain plug.

Thick Lifetime Decking

A thicker floor means a stronger boat.  With 7 layers, each individually treated, we can offer a Lifetime Warranty against rotting.  Each seam is sealed with LockOut sealing tape and is lined up over a cross member for exceptional dryness.

Stainless-Steel Elevator Hardware

Using stainless-steel elevator bolts and fasteners instead of pop rivets to attach our decking to the substructure results in a strong, reliable boat for years to come.

Full-Length Heavy-Duty V-Keel

Our dual-purpose keels provide great protection against unseen obstacles or sandy beaches, while at the same time adding great control even in wind.

Footed Deck Supports

By adding a foot to each deck support we ensure that downward pressure from the upper deck assembly is spread out over a larger surface area for a safer connection.  Your pontoon will last longer.