Interesting Legend Facts:


Did You Know?

Innovation is one of Legend’s Core Values and they are proud to have pioneered significant change in the Canadian boating Industry


Legend Boats was the first Canadian boat company to offer package pricing to their customers.

Prior to 1987, people used to have to piece together their boat, motor and trailer separately, pricing each item individually. This was difficult, time-consuming and often frustrating for the customer. Legend made it easy by putting the entire package together and offered it at one simple, low price. Although package pricing has become an industry standard, Legend remains the only Canadian boat company that shares all of their pricing in their catalogue and on their website.


Legend Boats was the first to use thicker .100 gauge aluminum across their entire boat line.

Thicker is stronger. Traditionally, other brands only used .100 gauge aluminum in their largest, most expensive models. Legend builds their v-hull models, including boats as small and simple as their 14 foot deep and wide utility boats, with thick .100 gauge aluminum. Although nobody has gone to this length to ensure strength and durability across their entire lineup, a few companies now offer thick aluminum in boats as small as 16 feet.


Legend Boats was the first to offer a rounded glass windshield on an aluminum full windshield boat.

Other brands didn’t believe that aluminum boats deserved to look good. Legend disagreed. While others continued to use cheaper, square glass, Legend invested in a more modern, aerodynamic look. Needless to say, rounded glass is now an industry standard.


Legend Boats was the first in the industry to introduce a comfortable rear bench seat that converted into an extra-large rear casting deck.

After seeing the demand and success the flexibility of the convertible bench seat brought Legend, competitors tried to replicate this concept, but typically with options that offered less comfort and functionality. Since Legend’s introduction of their Rear Extenda-Deck Converta-Bench, many competitors have tried to come up with their version of a rear bench seat.


Legend Boats was the first to offer a full stand-up top for aluminum boats that allows you to use the boat at full-speed on the water.

Traditionally, tops were made for storage and were very low profile. They did not allow you to use the boat comfortably while the top was installed. Although a few companies started working on a higher top design, Legend introduced an aerodynamic full stand-up top that not only allowed you to use the boat with the top installed, but to use it at high speeds.


Legend Boats was the first Canadian boat company to publicize their upfront, no-hassle prices in their catalogue, on their website and in all of their advertising.

Customers can be assured they receive the same value prices at all Legend Boat Dealers across Canada. Although Legend remains the only company in Canada that shares all of their pricing in their catalogue and online, many competitors have started to advertise pricing on a select few models on their websites.


Legend Boats offers another industry-first in its pontoon boats, its SmartDeck;

a triple purpose rear deck that easily transforms the rear of a pontoon boat from a lounge area to a full-fledge fishing deck in under 10 seconds with a large built-in pop-up change room underneath.


Legend Boats is the first and to-date the only boat manufacturer that offers a Custom Colour Kit with decals to customize its boats.

This helps our dealers effectively manage their inventory without having to bring a boat of every colour into their showrooms and it offers our customers a unique-to-the-industry method of personalizing their boats with their favourite colour schemes.


Legend Boats is the first boat company to include a user-friendly speed chart with complete motor options that shows customers what the most popular motor upgrade for their boat is in the industry.

It easily identifies the power options for each boat based on their boating needs for fishing, skiing, tubing or cruising.


Legend Boats is the first manufacturer to include weekly payment plan options on boats and motor upgrades in their product catalogue and online.



Legend Timeline:


Official launch of Legend Boats founded near Sudbury in Whitefish, Ontario.



A breakthrough year for Legend Boats with the first ever fully-priced boat brochure in Canada. Legend’s fully priced marketing system was developed and caused a wave of excitement and buzz in the industry.



Legend Boats introduces its molded plastic console with a curved windshield, full stand-up foul weather tops, thick .100 gauge aluminum on select models and the industry’s first fish and ski aluminum boats with a rear convertabench.



The industry changing 151 Viper, a loaded 15 foot deluxe fishing machine is introduced to the market.



Legend Boats first official Canada-wide Dealer Show and Training program is launched.

Legend Boats is the first to introduce a complete full top included as standard equipment on all full-windshield packages.



Legend Boats goes online with as Canada’s first fully-priced aluminum boat website.



Legend Boat introduces the revolutionary all welded Gen X Series to Canada that includes an industry-first EZ-flip, rear Extenda-Deck ConvertaBench and a Leakproof for Life Warranty on the entire hull.



Legend Boats introduces the “Classic line of pontoons that later became the “Genesis” Series that made pontooning accessible to the mass market and catapulted Legend pontoon sales.



Legend Boat introduces yet another industry-changing model in its all-time best-selling 16 Xcalibur boat. The best equipped, most flexible 16 foot full windshield fish and ski boat.



Legend Boats introduces another industry first; the “SmartDeck,” a triple-purpose rear deck in most pontoon models – propelling pontoon boat sales nationwide.



Legend Boats celebrates its 25th anniversary and explosive growth as a leader in the marine industry celebrating a quarter century focused on state-of-the-art engineering and innovation, integrity pricing, fully-priced promotions campaign with transparent cross-country pricing.

Legend Boats re-designs its Xtreme and XGS exteriors with a rich shiny charcoal grey.

Legend Boats offers customized Colour Decal Kits to personalize its boats.

Legend Boats include a power speed chart in their catalogues and websites to help customers identify the most popular motor upgrades for their boat in the industry. It also identifies the best motor option based on their boating needs for fishing, cruising, tubing, skiing and cruising



Legend introduces two new and exciting Pontoon lines with thirteen new pontoon boat designs. The Luxura and Platinum Series offer a rich and sleek modern design with luxurious comfort and extensive room for entertaining.

The Legend Bayshore Pontoon series is completely re-designed offering comfortable classic style, complete with a lower height SmartDeck and safety rails for easy accessibility for all ages.

Legend Boats offers industry-first Lifetime Plus Six Year Wowranty. A warranty that covers the entire boat for 6 years.

Legend Boats offers weekly payment plan options for boats and motor upgrades in its catalogue and website.